• We produce fine distributions of metal powders from titanium and other reactive or high melting point alloys such as nickel superalloys and niobium
  • Our products are especially designed for Additive Manufacturing and other powder metallurgy techniques (MIM, Coatings, HIP)
  • APA™ powders are of high purity (ceramic free melting with low oxygen content), and are highly spherical with minimal satellite content
  • They provide exceptional flowability as well as apparent and tap densities
  • We use an Advanced Plasma Atomization Technology and have very high quality standards providing full traceability of our products and batch-to-batch consistency
  • We principally service the Medical and Aerospace industries with sales in more than 20 countries
  • We constantly invest in our technology and capacity to support the fast growing needs of our highly demanding clientele

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“Leading the Way in the Production of Plasma Atomized Spherical Metal Powders”

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