Our Facility

At AP&C we are the leading manufacturer of powder for additive manufacturing using our proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization process. In early 2016 it was evident that our initial plant was not nearly enough to meet the demands of our customers. We started work on our 2nd facility to be able to increase capacity and secure a second source of powder for our customers.

AP&C has grown from 53 employees to 180 employees in 18 months, the new facility will triple the square footage and have the ability to increase capacity from 500 tons a year to 1,250 tons. The new plant enables us to build the blueprint for the future of AM by investing massively in technology innovation, automation and digitalization. By facilitating the design and build of this new facility it allows us to duplicate the high-quality standards that our customers expect with the ability to increase production to meet their increasing demand.

The building of this new plant allows the capability to offer fully dedicated reactors and post processing equipment for specific materials. The added capacity will also allow research and development of new materials for additive manufacturing.


3765 La Verendrye suite 110
Boisbriand (Quebec)

AP&C (New Facility)

241 rue Allé du Golf
St-Eustache, Québec

AP&C building

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