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AP&C Plasma Atomization process

AP&C Advanced Plasma Atomization process


The Plasma Atomization Technology initially went into commercial production in 1998 to enable the production of fine particle distribution of high purity reactive metal powder such as titanium. AP&C has worked on the optimization and scale-up of this process since 2005 to transform it into an industrial scale consistent and cost-effective technology.


Advanced Plasma Atomization produces premium quality spherical powders of reactive and high melting point materials such as titanium, nickel, zirconium, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, tungsten and their alloys. APA™ process offers the highest purity possible with the highly spherical particles and minimal satellites content. APA™ powder thus exhibits exceptional flowability and packing properties. APA™ powders are well renowned and extensively used in additive manufacturing (AM), metal injection molding (MIM), hot and cold isostatic pressing (HIP & CIP) and thermal and cold spray coatings.


APA™ process can produce powders of particle size distribution (PSD) ranging from 0 to 250 µm. AP&C offers many PSD that meet the most stringent requirements for many commercial applications. The typical PSD available are 0-25 µm, 0-45 µm, 10-45 µm, 15-45 µm, 25-45 µm, 45-106 µm, 45-150 µm, 0-250 µm and 45-250 µm. Tailored particle size distributions are also available on request. Specification datasheets can be found in the product section. You may also contact our technical support if you have any particular needs or inquiries.

SEM image of AP&C plasma atomized powder

SEM image of APA™ powder


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